IPMA ICB4: overview

IPMA (International Project Management Association) has decided to invest resources and skills in the production of an international Competence Model for project management, because it is known that all projects have common characteristics and require structured approaches.

The new model is called ICB (IPMA Individual Competence Baseline) Version 4 and was created to enrich and improve the individual’s skills in the fields of Project, Program and Portfolio management.

IPMA’s ICB was conceived as a support for a wide range of recipients and uses. In the case of companies, for example, we list some of its possible applications:

• unique standard for managing projects around the world;

• adoption of a standard set of skills, recognized globally;

• international guidelines for staff training;

• guide for competent project managers and successful projects.

The Eye of Competence, an image used by the ICB to represent the universe of project management skills is structured in three areas of expertise:

• Perspective: they include methods, tools and techniques through which individuals interact with the environment, as well as the reasons that drive people, organizations and companies to undertake and support Projects, Programs and Portfolios.

• People: they consist of the personal and interpersonal skills necessary to participate in a Project, Program or Portfolio and manage it successfully.

• Practice: are the methods, techniques and specific tools used in Projects, Programs or Portfolios to carry them out successfully.

On the one hand, it is clear that technical project management skills are needed, on the other, skills are needed in the area of ​​soft skills (People) and in the business / management area (Perspective).

1. The ICB is a universal model.

2. The ICB is an integrated model.

3. The ICB is an ally of companies